Bari Rehab Platform™

Bari Rehab Platform™ allows patients to become involved in their own care. Features such as the open side rail design, the low working height of the deck, and the simplified hand control all reduce stress for the patient as well as the caregiver.

Bari Rehab Platform will transport in any high/low position to reduce the risk of caregiver injury and workers’ compensation claims; it will also shift into a Cardio Chair position with Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg to address patient care needs. This frame is available in an extra-long length and has a multitude of optional add-ons including a full frame trapeze, built in scale system, battery backup, and power drive.

Product Details

Safe Working Load: 1,000 lbs.; Low Position - Deck to Floor: 15”; High Position - Deck to Floor: 30”; Sleep Deck Width: 39” to 48”; Sleep Deck Length: 80” or 86”; Maximum Overall Width w/ Rails: 41.5"- 50.5”; Maximum Overall Length: 89" or 95"
Caregiver Injury Prevention; Fall Prevention