Low Boy®

As the industry’s first bariatric low bed with a low resting height of 7.5” and a weight capacity of 850 lbs., Low Boy® allows patients to enter or exit comfortably and safely by providing unlimited height adjustments up to 31”. There are two separate control functions with lockout capabilities that provide safety for the patient and peace of mind for the caregiver.

Low Boy has a modified Cardiac Chair position as well as 20° Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg. It will transport in any high/low position to assist in reducing the risk of caregiver injury and workers’ compensation claims. When combined with Sizewise therapeutic support surfaces, Low Boy can provide alternation, pulsation, or rotation with percussion/vibration therapies to accommodate a wide array of patients.

Product Details

Safe Working Load: 850 lbs.; Low Position - Deck to Floor: 7.5"; High Position - Deck to Floor: 30.75"; Sleep Deck Width: 35"; Sleep Deck Length: 82"
Caregiver Injury Prevention; Fall Prevention

Product Video