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Air Hercules Patient Repositionerâ„¢

Air Hercules Patient Repositioner™ features a low air loss pulsation mattress combined with an innovative drive unit and specialized sheet that positions a patient up in bed in a matter of seconds.

The Pulsating feature automatically adjusts each of its five zones for changes in patient comfort and pressure redistribution. This gentle stimulating action aids in the increase of capillary blood flow to the skin, while continuous static low air loss keeps skin cool and dry with cool air blowing through the vapor permeable top cover and drive sheet. 

Moving a patient up in bed more frequently will relieve peak pressure points. As the patient is positioned up in bed, they move with the sheet and stay static on top, virtually eliminating the friction that can cause skin shear and skin tears. Hercules will reposition patients weighing up to 750 pounds or patients with little to no strength, easily bringing them to the head of the bed with the touch of a button.
The positioning sheet eliminates the need for caregivers to recruit floor staff to help position the patient up in bed, negating injuries caused by attempts to reposition patients without assistance. For the patient, being pulled back up in bed often can be an uncomfortable, unsafe, and embarrassing experience. With Hercules, one care provider can easily handle repositioning while protecting the patient’s dignity, comfort, and risk of injury.

Product Details

Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.; Sleep Surface Width: 38" or 48"; Sleep Surface Length: 80"; Automated Patient Repositioning System; Zoned Low Air Loss: 1740 LPM; Pulsating Low Air Loss:: 3, 5, or 10 minutes
Caregiver Injury Prevention; Safe Patient Handling/Movement; Pressure Injury Treatment/Prevention

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