Immerse™ is a unique technological advancement in clinically effective low air loss therapy for patients at risk or suffering from pressure injuries. This full mattress replacement utilizes automatic pressure adjustment in zoned areas of the body for superior pressure redistribution as well as patient comfort.
Immersion mode promotes proper envelopment to effectively manage the microclimate, while pulsation mode adds gentle stimulation action that aids in the increase of capillary blood flow to the skin.

The fowler feature on Immerse allows for increased airflow to the mattress when the head section of the bed is elevated. The top cover is vapor permeable, low friction, and anti-shear. Immerse is available in both bariatric and non-bariatric configurations.

Product Details

Weight Capacity: 600 or 1000 lbs.; Sleep Surface Width: 35"/ Bariatric 39", 42" or 48"; Pulsating Low Air Loss: Programmable 3, 5 or 10 minutes; Zoned Low Air Loss: 1740 LPM
Pressure Injury Prevention/Treatment; Treatment of Flaps and Grafts

Product Video