NPT3™ is designed to provide superior clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and maximum return on asset investment. The mattress is constructed of 12 air chambers, which produce three separate zones of support while vented technology creates expedited pressure equalization to fully immerse and provide advanced pressure redistribution for patients of all shapes and sizes.

The extreme polycarbonate top cover is class-leading in its resistance to chemicals, which enhances the fabric's durability as well as producing significant immersion due to the 4-way stretch effectively conforming to all patients. In addition, the sealed seam feature of the top cover provides a superior fluid barrier.

NPT3 proudly boasts an industry first Mattress Asset Protection™ (MAP) Liner. This works to further protect the internal mattress components from contamination to better safeguard against patient infection; it also works in conjunction with the top cover to reduce shear.

Yet another technological advance of NPT3 is the gel-infused thermal neutral foam with the ability to quickly dissipate or absorb heat in order to maintain an optimal microclimate environment. NPT3 is available with an optional pump for added 1 in 2 alternating air therapy and comes in both standard and bariatric sizes.

Product Details

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.; Custom and Bariatric Sizes Available
Pressure Injury Prevention/Treatment