Platinum 6000™

Platinum 6000™ incorporates alternating pressure redistribution, immersion, and low air loss therapy to prevent and treat pressure injuries. Surface pressures are read two times per second to maintain interface pressure settings providing for proper envelopment and immersion.

Platinum 6000™ offers pre-programmed comfort and therapy support settings based on the patient’s height and weight. Transport mode allows mattress pressures to equalize and remain inflated for transport or during power failures, and for extended periods of time. Operational on any conventional hospital, nursing home, or home health bed frame, Platinum 6000™ is ideal for facilities with limited staff and environments desiring automatic operations while managing the patient’s microclimate.

Product Details

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs., 900 lbs.; Sleep Surface Widths: 35", 39", 42", 48"; Sleep Surface Length: 80"; Alternating Cycle Time: 5, 10, 15 minutes; Zoned Low Air Loss: 25 LPM; Immersion Mode; Transport Mode
Pressure Injury Prevention/Treatment

Product Video