About Sizewise

With many bed frame options, countless support surfaces, and patented mobility equipment, we have the depth and breadth of product that a facility needs to ensure the full spectrum of patient care.

Sizewise began pioneering specialty hospital equipment back in 1996, and we’re proud to have led the way with several industry firsts, including:

  • First one-touch patient positioner with 750 lb. capacity – Hercules Patient Repositioner™

  • First low air loss mattress with 1,000 lb. capacity – Mighty Air™

  • First full-body lateral rotation mattress with 1,000 lb. capacity – Big Turn™

  • First “tilt-to-stand” wheelchair with 1,000 lb. capacity – Shuttle B Series™

  • First low bed with 850 lb. capacity – Low Boy®

  • First to develop “green” surfaces that reduce harmful chemical exposure for patients and caregivers – Envy Line™ G Series™

  • First to offer an educational newsletter targeted care for the bariatric patient – Xtrawise™

  • First to publish and present nationally recognized Case Studies on bariatric wound care patients


Research and Development

With weekly meetings, our Research and Development team focuses on creating new products and programs based on user feedback.


Made in the USA

We manufacture all equipment in the United States—at facilities in Kansas and California. Being made in the USA is more than just good business, it makes for quality products. In healthcare, more than any other industry, clinicians need to count on quality, reliability, and proven outcomes. And because we believe American-made products are superior, we offer some of the most durable warranties in the industry.

Contract Manufacturing
Learn more about our Manufacturing department's innovative, clean practices here.
Manufacturing Credentials:

  • FDA Approved

  • ISO 13485 Certified

  • UL Listed

Green Initiatives

We work hard to establish environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. Our Green Policy includes:

  • Cardboard – We recycle all cardboard and purchase recycled cardboard for shipping needs.

  • Cleaning – We've switched our metal cleaning process from phosphate cleaning to a coating process, which has less environmental impact.

  • Gas Usage – We reduced gas used to heat cleaning tanks by lowering the temperature for one tank and eliminating heat entirely for another.

  • Green Products – Our Envy line of specialty surfaces are free of carcinogens, latex, mercury, PBTs, and reproductive toxins.

  • Healthier Hospitals Challenge – Several of our products meet (or exceed!) the Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge guidelines. Learn more.

  • Infection Control – Our new process cuts our chemical usage by 75% and water consumption by 45%.

  • Lighting – We replaced all lighting within our 200,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing space with more energy-efficient lighting.

  • Paint – Our paint shop switched from aerosolized painting to a powder coating process.

  • Plastics – We use a blend of virgin and recycled plastic for all molded parts.

  • Steel – All steel runoff is sent to a company certified in recycling.

  • Water – Our Hays, KS manufacturing facility reduced water consumption by 8x by utilizing well water instead of treated city water, which reduced energy usage and helping us re-use and recycle water in the process.