Green Initiatives

Sizewise recognizes and embraces its social responsibility for establishing environmentally conscious practices. In this effort we have established policies and procedures that are mindful of our natural surroundings. Below is a list of just a few initiatives Sizewise has adopted as part of our Green policy.


  • Switched from aerosolized painting to a powder coating process
  • Purchase recycled cardboard, also recycle all cardboard including cardboard scraps
  • Replaced all lighting within 200,000+ sq. ft. of manufacturing space to improve efficiency and lighting quality
  • Use blended (virgin & recycled) plastic for all molded parts
  • Recycling programs for mattress products
  • Switched our cutting fluid to a water-based, biodegradable formula
  • Send all steel runoff to a certified company for recycling
  • Manufacture environmentally preferred products (SW Envy Line of products does not contain latex, mercury, carcinogens, PBT’s or reproductive toxins)
  • Employs Environmental, Health and Safety Personnel
  • Reduced water consumption and cleaning process at the Hays, KS manufacturing facility by 8 times
  • Reduced gas use-age for heating of cleaning process tanks at Hays, KS manufacturing facility by lowering the temperature for the stage 1 tank and eliminating the heat entirely for the stage 4 tank
  • Substitution of phosphate cleaning process of metals to less environmentally impacting conversion coating process requiring only a 4 stage process which was previously 5 stages
  • Utilization of well-water instead of processed city water reduces energy consumption (city water treatment requires a lot of treatment processes) and is cleaner than city water, which aids in Sizewise being able to re-use and recycle waters used in processes