Behavioral Health Mattress™

Behavioral Health Mattress™

Our Behavioral Health Mattress™ provides the best of both safety and comfort—designed for the demands of a specialized care environment.
Durable RF-welded seams eliminate the need for a zipper, and reduce the likelihood of a patient accessing the surface’s internal components. The standard defined perimeter design adds an extra sense of security for patients at risk of wandering—especially helpful for fall risk or dementia patients. Our new full-length bolsters include standard foam at the head and foot with a softer foam in the middle to help with patient ingress/egress.

Fabric options include extreme polycarbonate 4-way stretch top cover for an extra soft, durable surface. And our exclusive MAP Liner™ ensures an extra level of mattress protection while reducing friction and shear.
Behavioral Health Mattress pairs with our Behavioral Health Bed™, or Behavioral Health Bed™ – Platform to provide a ligature resistant suite of products.

Key Specifications

Surface Length 82"
Surface Width 35"
Therapy Mode(s) Reactive Pressure Redistribution
Weight Capacity 500 lb.

Clinical Use

Behavioral Health
Caregiver Injury Prevention
Emergency Dept.
Fall Prevention
PI Prevention/Treatment