Reducing Chemical Exposure for Children in Hospitals, Sizewise Introduces New Specialized Pediatric Mattress Line

  • 2/27/2012

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Feb. 27, 2012 – Kansas City, Mo.  – The Sizewise pediatric mattress line is made in the United States to meet and exceed the newest industry guidelines and certifications for environmental sustainability. The Sizewise sustainable surface line offers options for every stage of pediatric care, from incubator and bassinet pads, crib mattresses and pediatric air support surfaces.
“When it comes to a pediatric environment, the mattress or pad surface is the one thing children are in constant contact with,” said Tim McCarty, head of sales at Sizewise. “Proving yet again that Sizewise is the right fit no matter the patient population, this new pediatric line is the first of its kind on the market.”

Two of the most toxic chemicals in hospital mattresses today are halogenated flame retardants and brominated flame retardants. Both of these chemicals are highly harmful to the patient, care providers and the environment. Sizewise was the first to develop surfaces that have eliminated these chemicals for standard and bariatric-sized patients with its Envy Line™ of mattresses and now is the first to take the technology to the most vulnerable patient population: pediatrics.

The entire Sizewise Pediatric line has a First Point of Contact™ top cover, which is free of latex, harmful chemicals and has been produced from non-hazardous fire-retardant materials. One of the new products is the Sizewise Pediatric Pulse™, a low air loss mattress with dual modes of therapy. The Pediatric Pulse provides all the benefits of static low air loss therapy and pulsation therapy to pediatric patients.

“Sizewise is known for our therapeutic support surfaces, and we have seen multiple pediatric units across the nation have greatly improved outcomes for their patients while on the Pediatric Pulse™,” said McCarty.