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Sizewise Navigator Voice-Activated Smart Bed Eliminates Deadly "Alarm Fatigue"

  • 4/4/2013

  • Company News | Industry News | Products

April 4, 2013 -- Kansas City, Mo. --This week the Joint Commission issued a warning that healthcare workers can experience "alarm fatigue" and become insensitive to alarms placed on medical devices, creating life-threatening situations for patients. While the commission has called for hospitals "to take a focused look at this serious patient safety issue," Kansas-based medical device manufacturer, Sizewise, has already made patient safety first priority with their voice-activated alarm system.

The new Navigator, a smart bed equipped with tablet-like technology, can record a voice, in addition to an alarm, in multiple languages.

"For example, a fall risk patient can now hear the sound of a family member saying, 'Mom, get back in bed and call the nurse,' instead of a random alarm for an attempted bed exit," said Mary Nell Westbrook, Executive Vice President and head of Clinical Education. "Having the voice-activated alarm system not only informs the patient with a familiar voice, but it's distinguishable from the other various alarms nurses hear on a daily basis."

Made in the United States, all Sizewise products are manufactured to meet patient and caregiver safety needs. From voice-activated alarm systems to a fully electric behavioral health bed, Sizewise is already taking a "focused looked at this serious patient safety issue."