New Cooling Medical Mattress to Revolutionize Patient Care

  • 12/2/2014

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Kansas City, Mo--(Marketwired - December 02, 2014) - With the introduction of this first-of-its-kind cooling mattress, hospital patients will experience what many consumers already have access to in advanced mattress technology and sleep systems.

Sizewise Worldwide, a global medical equipment manufacturer, has unveiled the industry's first pressure redistribution mattress with skin-sensing technology, the Sizewise™ NPT3™.

"Improving a patient's experience and impacting positive clinical outcomes is at the core of our business," said Sizewise Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Nell Westbrook. "The new NPT3 offers three solutions for issues hospitals have faced with patient mattresses: one, a durable yet comfortable top cover; two, an infection-control liner; and three, a thermal-neutral gel infused memory foam."

The non-powered (NP) mattress has three key technologies (T3) at work:
1. The top cover surrounding the mattress is made of extreme polycarbonate, a unique blend of gentle yet durable fabrics, allowing for long-lasting protection against hospital cleaning protocols and reducing the need for replacements.

2. In between the cooling foam and the top cover is an extremely thin prophylactic sleeve (the Mattress Asset Protection or MAP Liner) that covers the foam and prevents fluid from reaching the inner core of the mattress if the top cover is compromised. These two materials work together as an added benefit by reducing the shearing effect on patient skin as they slide or move in the bed.

3. The new viscoelastic memory foam is thermal neutral, meaning it helps maintain ideal temperature, dissipating or retaining heat depending on patient need.

In addition, through 12 independently vented air chambers, the NPT3 mattress is engineered to self-adjust to provide full-body support and pressure redistribution for all patients regardless of size.

In a hospital, patients are in continual contact with mattresses so it's important that the products adhere to standards, such as those outlined for hospital surfaces by Practice Greenhealth. From a wound care perspective, the Sizewise NPT3 mattress revolutionizes microclimate management, offering the right balance of therapy and temperature control to help improve patient outcomes.