Sizewise Worldwide Partners with Yankee Alliance to Provide Long Term Care Equipment for Members

  • 5/28/2015

  • Company News | Industry News

Andover, Mass., and Kansas City, Mo. – Yankee Alliance announces a new contract with Sizewise Worldwide, a global manufacturer, to provide long term care (LTC) equipment for its healthcare provider members. With more than 20 years of experience, Sizewise has been designing and producing diversified lines of innovative healthcare equipment to serve patient needs ranging from bariatric to pediatric. Participating members will have access to Sizewise long term care products including therapeutic support surfaces, beds, wheelchairs and other mobility items that have been engineered in the U.S.

"As an industry leader, Sizewise brings a breadth of experience and innovative product mix to help positively impact patient outcomes," said Craig Shoukimas, Yankee Alliance Vice President, Contracting. "Through Sizewise, our members will be able to receive pre-negotiated contract pricing on many of their long term care products. This partnership will be a great asset in helping our members decrease healthcare costs."

This agreement will help serve the needs of a critical population in the most cost effective manner. In 2012, total spending for long term care was $219.9 billion and is projected to increase to $345 billion by 2040, according to a report by the National Health Policy Forum.

"Sizewise has provided patients of all sizes and ability the necessary equipment and technology to produce positive outcomes," said Andrew Baron, Sizewise Regional Vice President. "With an estimated 12 million Americans in need of long term care support, it's important to supply patients with the right equipment for their needs. We look forward to working with Yankee Alliance to ensure an appropriate continuum of care for each patient."

Once a physician uncovers a need for long term care equipment, a Yankee Alliance member can order the appropriate product and Sizewise will ship, assemble and train care givers and patients how to properly use the device, billing Yankee Alliance directly-- alleviating any extra steps for the patient. The only financial responsibility on the patient is any deductibles or coinsurance payments specified in the particular network plan.

Yankee Alliance members will have access to this benefit immediately.