Free Sizewise Clinical Tools and Resources

Sizewise appreciates your dedication to caring for patients in need. During this time without trade shows or face-to-face visits, we’re happy to provide free educational tools online or by mail:

Wound Care Education/Support Kit

A variety of educational literature and tools, including wound staging cards, sticky note wound rulers, and current literature

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Clinical Support Presentations

Our clinicians provide via Zoom to one or 100 attendees. Sample topics include:

Bariatric Sensitivity

As a caregiver...
Am I aware?
Am I sensitive?
Am I respectful?

Safe Patient Handling

Learn SPHM best practices related to mobilizing patients. Learn how to deploy new SPHM protocols—and to help make them stick.

PI Staging and Treatment

Review pressure injury (PI) identification and staging. Understand resources available for improving PI treatment and prevention.

Documenting PIs

Learn the purposes of documentation. Understand impact on regulatory requirements, reimbursement, and potential litigation.

Support Surface Infection Control Kit

Infection control and prevention education literature, including articles and fabric samples

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