ICU-Ready Support Surfaces

The right support surface can help support a higher level of patient acuity. Pair a standard Med-Surg bed with one of these ICU-ready support surfaces—and expand your facility’s surge capacity. Surfaces available in Standard and Bariatric capacities, and through rental or capital purchase.

Rotate/Big Turn

Rotation/Pulsation Therapy

  • 600 lbs. capacity
  • Full-body continuous lateral rotation therapy with low air loss
  • Percussion/vibration module option


Immersion/Pulsation Therapy

  • 600 lbs. capacity
  • Immersion and pulsation therapy modes
  • Comfortable alternative to air-fluidized therapy

Platinum 6000

Alternation/Immersion Therapy

  • 600 lbs. capacity
  • Alternation and immersion therapy modes
  • Transport mode keeps mattress inflated without power


Pulsation Therapy

  • 600 lbs. capacity
  • Pulsating low air loss with eight comfort settings

Alternate/Mighty Air

Alternation Therapy

  • 600 lbs. capacity
  • Alternating low air loss with eight comfort settings

Air Hercules Patient Repositioner

Pulsation Therapy and Mobility Air

  • 750 lbs. capacity
  • One caregiver can safely boos patient with touch of a button
  • Reduces PPE use (fewer staff needed for repositioning)

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