Rental Medical Equipment

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities often find it beneficial to rent equipment rather than make a capital purchase. As your rental partner, Sizewise can help you manage operating budgets, space limitations, or other evolving needs for specialty bed frames, support surfaces, and mobility items.

Rental Equipment on Demand

Our 65 locations provide extra capacity when and where you need it most. Our trained technicians deliver equipment, ensure proper set-up, and provide education when needed. After the patient is discharged, we provide timely pick-up, creating a seamless, hassle-free process. We are available 24/7/365 by phone or online ordering.

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Ordering Algorithms

Sizewise makes ordering the right equipment for the right patient as easy as possible. We’ll help develop a customized ordering algorithm to fit your staff and patient needs. Ordering guides can be posted at nurse stations and loaded to your online portal, creating a seamless process every time you place an order.

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Bed Frame Rentals

From acute care to homecare and everything in between—Sizewise rents a range of healthcare beds to fit every patient need. Rental bed offerings include fall prevention, bariatric, ICU/Critical Care, pediatric cribs, behavioral health, and Med-Surg. Most are available for rental or purchase based on customer need.

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Support Surface Rentals

Sizewise is known for support surface innovation using the latest high-tech fabrics and product designs. Choose from low air loss surfaces with rotation, alternation, immersion, and pulsation therapies; or foam and gel solutions to support non-powered pressure injury prevention. Most support surfaces are available for rental or purchase, in both bariatric and standard sizes.

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Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Equipment Rentals

When it comes to safe patient handling and mobility, caregivers have never faced greater challenges than they do today. From bariatric walkers, wheelchairs, commodes, and lifts… to devices that reposition a patient with the touch of a button, Sizewise offers unique tools that support patient safety, comfort, and dignity.

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Clinical Support

Our Clinical Support Team is always available for resources, education, and a deep understanding of patient care across the continuum. From wound care to physical therapy, our clinicians are ready with expert answers backed by years of bedside experience.

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National and Regional Contracts

Sizewise is proud to work alongside the nation’s three largest Group Purchasing Organziations (GPOs), numerous national and regional Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), as well as Federal, State, and local government entities.

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