Bari Rehab Platform 3™

Bari Rehab Platform 3™ is designed with safety and comfort in mind. This bed frame debuts the innovative Power Drive 360 which moves forward, backward, and side to side with ease, allowing for easy navigation through crowded hospital corridors. BRP3’s open architecture flat deck accepts most mattresses, Sizewise or other, and the bed is HL7 EMR connectivity compatible. In addition, BRP3 is one of the first beds compliant with the newest IEC safety standards.

Our industry-first Shared Risk Program℠ is available at purchase. What's that mean? We’ll give you a free loaner if your BRP3 is out of commission for 48+ hours.

Respond, repair, redeploy.

Key Specifications

Deck High 30"
Deck Length 80" or 86"
Deck Low 15.35"
Deck Width 39-48"
Safe Working Load 1,000 lbs.

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling