Behavioral Health Bed™

Behavioral Health Bed™ Fully Electric Psychiatric Bed

Behavioral Health Bed™ (BHB) is fully electric and ligature-resistant. PowerSafe™ technology ensures electrical safety, while the security and clinical advantages create a user-friendly, ergonomic bed for a variety of care settings.

BHB was developed alongside behavioral health clinicians and is trusted by accredited hospitals nationwide.

Dual-Diagnosis Patients

Nearly one in five American adults experience mental illness, and 68% of adults with behavioral health conditions also have medical comorbidities. In addition, average length of stay for patients with a mental and/or substance abuse disorder is 38% longer than other patients.1 Healthcare facilities must be equipped to handle this patient population.

Clinical Advantages

Most mental health beds are non-electric, making it difficult and unsafe for clinicians to treat dual-diagnosis patients . Behavioral Health Bed™ is designed with multiple, fully-electric, features to aid in safe patient care.

Electric head, knee, and high/low functions

Trend and Reverse Trend positioning

Class-leading 7.5" deck low

Rest Secure System™: integrated scale, bed exit alarm, and protocol timer

Developed Alongside
Behavioral Health Clinicians

Behavioral Health Bed™ was the result of a unique collaboration between Sizewise and clinicians at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC). Behavioral health nurses identified a need and worked alongside Sizewise designers and engineers to develop a fully electric medical bed to support clinical as well as safety needs—the first of its kind on the market.

Security Enhancements

Behavioral Health Bed™ is designed with security advantages that enhance its ligature-resistance, creating a safer environment for patients and caregivers in a variety of healthcare settings - including geriatric.
Footboard inside with tamper-resistant screws and no exposed wiring
Tamper-resistant, encased wiring,
and security screws
Close-up picture of power cord unplugged under bed frame
Quick-release power cord
Behavioral Health Bed in the lowest position to the floor
7.5" deck low
Close-up picture of footboard with filled slots
Contiguous molded side rails and head/foot boards

Restraint Slots

Our psychiatric bed can be customized with up to 12 restraint slots depending on facility needs. Facilities can also choose the optional bed exit alarm if physical restraints are not warranted.

Footboard Lockout Controls

Our psychiatric bed's footboard lockout control is accessible with a universal key and prevents the patient from using the bed controls to harm themselves. The lockout control includes an easy-read indicator light to quickly asses if the bed is locked or unlocked.

Ligature-Resistant Products Kit

Download our ligature-resistant products kit. The kit provides an overview of Sizewise’s ligature-resistant products and includes educational articles on dual diagnosed patients in today’s healthcare environment.

Quick-Ship Delivery

The Behavioral Health Bed is available for quick-ship delivery, dependent upon required specs and quantities, allowing your facility to fulfill urgent needs. Contact us for quantities/builds currently available for quick ship.

Featured in
Behavioral Health Design Guide

The Design Guide is available free of cost via download as a service to the industry in an attempt to provide current information regarding products and philosophies that Behavioral Health Facility Consulting (bhfc) feels are better for use in psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health facilities.

Optional Features

Sizewise designs and manufacutres Behavioral Health Bed™ in the USA, allowing us to customize each bed to your requirements or needs.
Behavioral Health Bed with blue seizure pads on head, side, and foot boards
Seizure Pad Covers
Close-up of lock box on bed frame caster axel
Pedal Lock Kit
Lock box under head of bed with power cord and key
Power cord lockbox
Rest Secure System unit and key pad
Rest Secure System
(Bed Exit Alarm, Protocol Timer, Scale)
Close-up of hand releasing deck expansion handle
Bariatric Option
(48” Expandable Deck, 850 lb. Capacity)

Rental Availability

Our ligature-resistant Behavioral Health Bed™ has long been trusted by accredited hospitals and, after numerous requests, is now available for rent. Our 65 locations nationwide provide 24/7/365 delivery on demand.

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Key Specifications

Deck High: 30"
Deck Length 82"
Deck Low 7.5" or 9" (w/ RSS)
Deck Width 35" or 39"
Safe Working Load 850 lbs.

Clinical Use

Behavioral Health
Early Mobility
Emergency Dept.
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling


Capital Purchase

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