Available in Select Markets

Crosscare™ introduces a new level of Safe Patient Handling and Mobility to Med-Surg and ICU patient care. The acuity-adaptable bed frame features 15 degree lateral turn, which simplifies patient care and combines with the patient-controlled Mobi-Lift® handle to aid early mobilization. Patient comfort and healing are enhanced by the bed's multi-section frame design and eight standard bed positions. Electric bed extension provides an extra 8" of mattress deck length for taller patients.

Crosscare pairs clinically with numerous foam and air support surfaces, including Alternate™, Immerse™, Platinum 6000™, Pulsate™, and Rotate™ for full-body continuous lateral rotation (CLRT). This bed is offered as part of a cross-manufacturing agreement with LINET®.

Key Specifications

Deck High: 32"
Deck Length 82-90"
Deck Low 17"
Deck Width 35"
Safe Working Load 550 lbs.

Clinical Use

Early Mobility
Safe Patient Handling