Evolution 6000®

The multifunctional Evolution 6000® incorporates alternating pressure redistribution, immersion, and low air loss therapy to manage interface pressures on the skin. Surface pressures are read two times per second to maintain interface pressure settings, providing proper envelopment and immersion. The Platinum 6000™ surface offers preprogrammed comfort and therapy support settings based on the patient’s height and weight.

The system boasts a 600 lb. safe working load combined with a class-leading 9” low position for at-risk fall patients. The 30” deck high allows for an adjustable, ergonomic working environment for caregivers, and an automatic transport mode allows the mattress pressures to equalize and remain inflated for transport or during power failures for extended periods of time. During transport, the frame will move in any high or low position, assisting in the prevention of caregiver injury.

Key Specifications

Deck High 30.75"
Deck Length 82"
Deck Low 9"
Deck Width 35"
Safe Working Load 850 lbs.

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling