Horizon 3.1™

Horizon 3.1™ is able to handle any resident appropriate for a 35" width bed frame, and the 9.95" low height will help mitigate injuries due to falls.

Upgrade to the One-Step Locking Pedal mechanism to allow the caregiver to efficiently lock and unlock the bed while delivering care. The Counter-Rotating Assist devices ensure the resident's egress areas are not blocked when in the down position, and Length Extensions allow the bed to extend to 84". Plus, the simple addition of the Horizon Trapeze seamlessly converts the Horizon 3.1 to a rehab bed. Head- and footboard options are available to match almost any room décor.

Key Specifications

Deck High 24.4"
Deck Length 80"-84"
Deck Low 9.95"
Deck Width 35"
Safe Working Load 450 lbs.

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
Fall Prevention