Bari Drop-Arm Commode™

Bari Drop-Arm Commode™ Bariatric Commode

Bari Drop-Arm Commode™ has durable construction and sensible design making it an integral component of bariatric patient rehabilitation, mobilization, and independence.

Bari Drop-Arm Commode comes in two sizes to accommodate a variety of patient sizes and is designed with removable back and arms to allow for easier transfer, and a padded seat and armrests for patient comfort.

Multiple Sizes

Bari Drop-Arm Commode comes in two sizes to accommodate a variety of patient sizes. The 24” wide commode is designed to be used at bedside or over the toilet with a weight capacity of 600 lb. and height adjustability for placement over toilets. The 36” wide commode has a fixed height of 19” with a weight capacity of 1,000 lb.

Removable Back and Arms

Bari Drop-Arm Commode is designed with a removable back—and the arms can be removed or lowered out of the way to allow for safe patient transfers in confined areas or for side transfers to and from a wheelchair or bed. These features make our commode a key component in the rehabilitation and mobilization of bariatric patients.

Super Durable

Most commodes are built with aluminum frame construction that don’t stand up to the demands of a busy hospital or continuous use by larger patients. Our bariatric commode is designed with solid steel construction and durable welds allowing for a weight capacity of up to 1,000 lb.

Adjustable Height

Our 24” wide commode is height adjustable from 18 to 22” promoting versatility and patient safety. This adjustability allows for placement over a variety of toilet sizes and provides a safe height for the patient and caregiver during transitions to and from the bed or wheelchair.

Padded Seats and Armrests

Our commode is designed with padded seats and arm rests to provide increased patient comfort. The material is water resistant and able to be easily cleaned for increased infection control and prevention while also providing an anti-slip feature to the armrests/handgrips—allowing for a safe grip and increased safety.

Mobility Package

Bari Drop-Arm Commode is part of our bariatric mobility package that is designed to support early mobilization and provide the highest levels of safe patient handing and mobility (SPHM).
Mobility solutions package: Bari Walker™, Bari Chair™, Bari Shower Commode, and Bari Rehab Platform 3™.

Rental or Purchase

Bari Drop-Arm Commode is available for rental or purchase when and where you need it. Our 65 locations nationwide provide 24/7/365 delivery on demand.

Homecare Availability

Bari Drop-Arm Commode is traditionally utilized in healthcare facilities but Sizewise offers similar items available for patients that better accommodate the home setting. Reach out to one our trained consultants to discuss our homecare solutions by calling 800-814-9389 option:4 or emailing

Key Specifications

Surface Width 24" or 36"
Weight Capacity 600 or 1,000 lb.

Clinical Use

Caregiver Injury Prevention
Fall Prevention
Safe Patient Handling


Capital Purchase

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