Alternate™ is a therapeutic air support surface designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries. Alternation therapy offers active pressure redistribution in two therapy modes: 1 in 3 alternation, low air loss, and static low air loss.
1 in 3 alternation deflates every third cell depending on the programmed cycle time (between 3 to 20 minutes) to produce alternating pressure redistribution. Continuous static low air loss manages microclimate and moisture by keeping skin cool and dry. All therapy modes include multiple comfort settings easily adjustable based on patient desire or clinical decision.
The First Point of Contact™ top cover is free from harmful chemicals of concern, vapor-permeable, low-friction and anti-shear. Alternate is designed for use with all medical beds, including step-deck systems.

Key Specifications

Surface Width 35"
Therapy Mode(s) Alternation
Weight Capacity 600 lbs.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment
Wound Care