Big Turn™

Our Big Turn™ system provides full-body continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) for immobile bariatric patients and/or those suffering from pulmonary complications. The system supports kinetic therapy with a rotation of 40 degrees or more in conjunction with continuous clinically effective low air loss therapy to assist in wound management protocols.

If rotation is not desired, pulsation mode can be used to provide active pressure redistribution by increasing and decreasing pressure over the entire body at preset cycle times. In addition, the optional respiratory therapy module allows mechanical percussion and vibration for the immobile patient. The control settings allow for three areas of the lung to be percussed and vibrated independently with varying degrees of pressure. The nurse can begin therapy and know the control will automatically stop at a prescribed time.

Key Specifications

Surface Width 39" or 48"
Therapy Mode(s) Pulsation, Rotation
Weight Capacity 1,000 lbs.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment