Carewise 7.1®

Carewise 7.1®

Carewise 7.1® features a diamond die-cut upper layer to reduce shear and allow air to circulate. The foam itself features antimicrobial qualities that can aid with infection control, and a concealed zipper prevents skin tears and protects inner foam from fluid ingress. The mattress is latex- and PVC-free.

This mattress includes both open-celled viscoelastic foam and premium open-celled viscoelastic foam. This not only provides classic memory-style foam comfort, but also “floats” the patient/resident on common pressure points. A sloped heel section redirects pressure to patient/resident calves, where there is more fatty tissue and muscle to absorb pressure. Firm side perimeters help with safe transfers and reduce the risk of entrapment and falls. The top cover is a two-way stretch, polyurethane-coated fabric that allows for patient/resident envelopment.

Key Specifications

Surface Length 76", 80", or 84"
Surface Width 35", 39", or 42"
Weight Capacity 500 lb.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment  


Capital Purchase

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