Envy® OR Table Pad™

Envy® OR Table Pad™

Envy® O Series™ OR Table Pad is the industry’s first non-powered, self-adjusting gel operating room table pad featuring F3 Free™ construction, which reduces chemicals of concern in the fabric, foam, and fire barrier.

EcoEase™ designed pieces are easily replaceable by section, creating an economical and environmentally conscious product. The five piece universal design is radiolucent and fits most OR tables. A four-way stretch top cover allows immersion into the pad for optimal pressure relief. Wipe-down sterilization is made possible by the sealed seam cover assembly. A specially formulated polymer gel topper contours to the patient's body while providing low interface pressure to the patient, and a high density foam base provides additional stability while enhancing comfort and pressure relief. 

Key Specifications

Surface Width Custom
Therapy Mode(s) Reactive Pressure Redistribution
Weight Capacity 500 lb.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment


Capital Purchase

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