NPT3™ is designed with three advanced technologies that support facility and clinical priorities: infection control, wound care, and green initiatives.

Infection Control
Most medical mattresses utilize top cover fabric easily compromised by harsh cleaning chemicals—and sewing methods used during production punch thousands of tiny holes in the fabric. Both realities create openings for fluid ingress and contamination of internal components.
NPT3 is designed with an extreme polycarbonate fabric, which resists chemicals and allows for significant immersion due to its four-way stretch. RF-welded seams eliminate needle holes and provide a superior fluid barrier. For additional protection, NPT3 includes the industry first Mattress Asset Protection™ (MAP) Liner, a barrier that protects internal components from contamination—the ultimate patient safeguard. Read more: FDA Safety Communication, Damaged or Worn Covers.
Wound Care
Under the fabric, NPT3’s twelve foam-filled chambers provide three separate zones of support, with head-to-heel coverage for patient comfort. Vented technology helps ensure pressure equalization to maximize immersion and provide advanced pressure redistribution for all body types.
The optional pump adds 1-in-2 alternation therapy for pressure injury prevention and added comfort. And the gel-infused thermal-neutral foam quickly dissipates heat, improving patient microclimate.
Green Friendly
Sizewise is proud to support Practice Greenhealth’s Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge for Healthy Interiors. Our Envy® products are designed without harmful chemicals of concern. Read more: Safer Chemicals Challenge for Healthy Interiors.

Key Specifications

Surface Width Custom and Bariatric Available
Therapy Mode(s) Reactive Pressure Redistribution
Weight Capacity 500 or 1,000 lbs.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment