Pediatric Pulse™

Pediatric Pulse™ Pediatric Low Air Loss Pulsation Therapy

Pediatric Pulse™ is a low air loss pulsation therapy mattress system designed specifically for pressure ulcer/injury treatment and prevention in infants, children, and adolescents. The top cover fabric is free from harmful chemicals of concern, plus is vapor-permeable, low-friction, and anti-shear.

Pediatric Pressure Ulcers/Injuries

Pediatric patients suffer from pressure ulcers/injuries just like older patients, and certain pediatric populations are at an even greater risk for skin breakdown due to mobility, sensory perception, friction/shear, and moisture. However, most PI prevention mattresses for adults are not designed to accommodate children.


Preemies & Neonates




(Other high risk pediatric patients include: Post-op, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Dermatologic, and Spinal Cord Injuries.)

Low Air Loss

Our low air loss mattresses have laser-drilled micro holes in the air cells which continually blow out air via the powered blower unit. As a result, moisture is wicked away and the patient stays dry and cool for improved microclimate management.


Pulsation Therapy

The Pulsation mode adds gentle stimulation that aids in the increase of capillary blood flow to the skin. This in turn supplies greater oxygen and nutrients to the tissue for improved skin integrity.

Developed Alongside
Pediatric Clinicians

Pediatric Pulse™ was the result of a unique collaboration between Sizewise and the University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital. They identified a need and worked alongside Sizewise designers and engineers to develop a mattress specifically for pressure ulcer/injury treatment and prevention in infants, children, and adolescents.

Case Studies

Sizewise clinicians have collaborated with children's hospitals on evidence-based research. These studies have shown--time and again--that low air loss helps protect the skin integrity of pediatric populations.

Top Cover

The top cover is made of a polyurethane-coated nylon fabric. This advanced material creates a surface that is vapor permeable, low friction, and anti-shear for improved skin care.

Vapor Permeable

Cool Comfort

Low Friction

Free from Harmful Chemicals of Concern

Many support surfaces contain harmful chemicals in their materials. Pediatric Pulse™ has a First Point of Contact™ top cover that is free from latex, harmful chemicals, and has been produced with non-hazardous fire-retardant materials making it the safe choice for your most vulnerable patient population.

Custom Sizes Available

We design and manufacture all of our surfaces in-house and can customize mattresses to fit any crib or Med-Surg bed. Pediatric Pulse™ comes in two configurations: crib size (1.6 - 100 lb.) and Med-Surg bed size (35 - 200 lb.). Patients needing greater capacity should graduate to the adult-sized Pulsate™ support surface.

Child-friendly Motif

Sizewise designed the blower controls to be easy-to-use and in a child friendly motif that enhances the pediatric atmosphere of your department.

Rental or Purchase

Pediatric Pulse™ is available for rental or purchase. Our 65 locations nationwide provide 24/7/365 delivery on demand.

Key Specifications

Surface Length Multiple Options
Surface Width Multiple Options
Therapy Mode(s) Pulsation
Weight Capacity 1.6 - 100 lb. or 35 - 200 lb.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment


Capital Purchase

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