Stratus 3.1™

Stratus 3.1™

Stratus 3.1™ is a complete mattress replacement system that is clinically effective in providing therapeutic benefits to patients at risk or suffering from pressure injuries.

Stratus 3.1 features 20 individual high strength air cushions enclosed in a durable containment system. The system comes with a polyurethane-coated Nylon taffeta top cover which is vapor permeable, low friction/anti-shear, and completely machine-washable. The exceptionally quiet, user-friendly control unit attaches to the footboard of most hospital beds. Rapid inflate/deflate is available with the optional Quick Inflator at the touch of a button.

Key Specifications

Surface Length 80"
Surface Width 35"
Weight Capacity 550 lb.

Clinical Use

PI Prevention/Treatment


Capital Purchase

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