Shared Risk Program

Our industry-first Shared Risk ProgramSM guarantees maximum equipment uptime, saving facilities up to 15-20 percent in equipment costs per year. We aim to reduce the amount of space your facility normally dedicates to a “bed graveyard”—a place where broken equipment waits for expensive repairs that may never come.

How Shared Risk Program works

We’re confident in two things: the durability of Sizewise beds, and our team’s ability to provide a fix (should the need arise). Under our Shared Risk Program, we promise to respond, repair, and redeploy.

  • RESPOND: Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff are available 24/7/365. We work the same hours your hospital is open, and will be ready to respond when you need us—even on busy holidays.

  • REPAIR: Our factory-trained techs will repair your covered equipment on the spot, if possible. And if it’s out of commission 48+ hours, we’ll provide free loaner equipment from our rental fleet until the issue is resolved.

  • REDEPLOY: Like you, we want your affected bed back in service ASAP. Our team will not stop until the work is done—and until your bed is back to serving patients.

Shared Risk Program is currently available only on Alliance or Bari Rehab Platform 3 (BRP3). A maintenance agreement is required.

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