The Sizewise Family of Companies

The Sizewise Family of Companies is excited to announce a new name for our medical manufacturing plants in Hays, Ellis, and Corona. Where we’ve previously maintained names from our history of being separate entities—Wheelchairs of Kansas, Sunflower Medical, and American National Manufacturing—we will now be united under one name: Sizewise Manufacturing (visit

Our History

Founded in 1988, Wheelchairs of Kansas (WOK) was started by Lee Frickey in Oberlin, Kansas to meet a unique bariatric need in the healthcare industry. Through hard work and dedication, not only to his craft but to patients and caregivers alike, Lee grew the business and formed Sizewise in 1996. Sizewise, working with a network of independent distributors, thrived in this niche market with WOK acting as a manufacturing arm for the company. In 1998 Sunflower Medical was formed to meet the needs of Government and VA patients nation-wide. Over the next 20 years the Sizewise Family of Companies, consisting of Sizewise, Wheelchairs of Kansas, Sunflower Medical, and American National Manufacturing, would grow to be one of the largest durable medical equipment providers in the country.



Sizewise is a privately owned, global medical equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience engineering innovative products to meet the needs of bariatric, geriatric, pediatric, and standard patient populations. Supplied through more than 65 branches nationwide, Sizewise offers a range of bed frames, support surfaces, and mobility devices that enhance patient healing and caregiver satisfaction. In September 2019 Sizewise announced the re-naming of its manufacturing plants in Hays, Ellis, and Corona under the name Sizewise Manufacturing. 


As part of the Sizewise Family of Companies, Wheelchairs of Kansas (WOK) and Sunflower Medical will provide parts-only support beginning Jan. 1, 2018. For parts needs, please call 800-814-9389.

Made in the USA

We manufacture all equipment in the United States, at facilities in Kansas, Texas, and California. Being made in the USA is more than just good business—it makes for quality products. In healthcare, more than any other industry, clinicians need to count on quality, reliability, and proven outcomes. And because we believe American-made products are superior, we offer some of the most durable warranties in the industry.


Contract Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Credentials:

FDA Approved

ISO 13485 Certified
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